Meeting the Dinos Pt. 3

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our prehistoric collection: the Rapetosaurus! Many of you correctly guessed this spectacular creature, and we’re excited to share more about it.

Introducing Rapetosaurus: A Titanosaur from Madagascar

Rapetosaurus, a member of the Titanosaur family, roamed the Earth in the late Cretaceous period, around 70 million years ago. This colossal dinosaur, known for its long neck and tail, was discovered in Madagascar. The name ‚Rapetosaurus‘ pays homage to the mythological giant Rapeto from Malagasy folklore.

Scientific Significance

The discovery of Rapetosaurus fossils in 1995, later described in 2001, has been pivotal in understanding the diversity and spread of Titanosaurs, especially in the Southern Hemisphere and on islands like Madagascar.

ur Model: A Masterpiece by Fredrick Alexander

The 3D model crafted by Fredrick Alexander is a work of art, showcasing incredible attention to detail. It complements our existing Majungasaurus model, as seen in our initial sketch. While fossils from a juvenile Rapetosaurus have been found, we chose to represent an adult in our model, enriching our understanding of this majestic species.

Why This Figure?


Rapetosaurus is a unique addition to our collection. It’s a species not commonly represented in figurine form, offering a fresh perspective on the prehistoric world.


We hope you’re as excited about this release as we are. Keep an eye out for more updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses into our creative process.


Thank You for Your Continued Support!


Your enthusiasm and support make projects like this possible. We can’t wait to bring more of the ancient world to life for you.


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