Unveiling Future Giants

As the calendar pages turn, anticipation grows within the Wild Past Studio community. Our journey together is about to embark on an exciting new chapter, but before we dive into the thrilling prospects ahead, we have a brief update regarding our campaign’s kickoff.

A Shift in Schedule

Originally slated for December 13, 2023, our campaign start date has been nudged slightly to ensure all the cogs in our logistics machine are well-oiled and ready to support the adventure that awaits. Adjustments to shipping details and logistics are underway to pave the path for a smooth journey. Though a new start date isn’t set in stone just yet, rest assured, the 60-day campaign will be an epic period dedicated to spreading the word far and wide, ensuring our project transforms from vivid dreams to palpable reality.

Now, Onto the Epoch-Making Announcements:

We’re thrilled to share a sneak peek of what lies beyond the horizon—our potential stretch goals, each a celebration of prehistoric marvels from every corner of the Mesozoic world:


Plateosaurus engelhardti

Hailing from the Bavarian depths, this formidable beast measures a striking 21cm in 1:35 scale, promising to be a centerpiece of any collection.


This lesser-known Triassic terror, a contemporary of Plateosaurus, is set to reclaim its forgotten throne.


The ‚Good Mother Lizard‘ comes to life with a hatchling by her side, embodying the nurturing spirit of the Cretaceous. The picture shows a nearly finished model in standard pose.

Jurassic England Duo

Dive into the Jurassic with a Scelidosaurus and a Sarcosaurus, the latter seen clutching a Dimorphodon, as portrayed in an early 3D model.

Deinonychosaurus Trio

Whether they hunted in packs or not. Three Deinonychosaurus in dynamic stances offer a chance to affordably expand your dinosaur diorama.

Breaking the silence: Tenontosaurus & Deinonychus

Revamped from our 3D shop, this duo is ready to leap into action, creating a scene straight out of the Cretaceous playbook. Here you’ll get a Deinonychus figure attacking the peaceful foraging of our Tenontosaurus.

Join the Prehistoric Poll

We’re eager to hear which of these ancient titans excites you the most. Your feedback is invaluable as it will guide us in prioritizing which models to push to the forefront. The more enthusiasm we see for a figure, the higher the chance it will join the ranks of our Kickstarter campaign offerings.


Let us know your top pick and help us decide which stretch goal to chase down first. Drop us a message, comment on our socials, or send a carrier pigeon if you must—every voice counts!


As we refine the details and prepare for the grand unveiling, your support is the wind beneath the wings of our prehistoric fleet. Stay tuned for the new launch date, and get ready to make history with us.


Thank you for your unwavering support and patience. Together, we’ll ensure that these bygone behemoths roam once more.


With gratitude,

Stefan Klein

Wild Past Studio

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